Decadent chocolate truffle ganache layered

with a delicate chocoloate cake, By

request, the Luxor can also be ordered with

Grand Marnier.


Pave Fraise

Loads of fresh strawberries, layers of cake

and a light custard-based cream are perfectly

combined in this summertime favorite.

(available April through August)



The classic italian combination of ladyfingers,

mascarpone cheese, espresso, and rum

created with an artistic flair.



A refreshing and light lemon mousse cake,

with a layer of lemon curd and fresh raspberries.


Rigo Jancsi

A modern twist on a Hungarian classic.

Layers of white chocolate and dark chocolate

mousses are layered over a rich devil's

food cake laced with Kirsch syrup.


Choco Razz

Light raspberry mousse and rich chocolate

ganache are joined together in this City of

D'Lights bestseller.



Layers of light mango mousse and vanilla

chiffon create a tropical finish for any




With its superior combination of espresso

buttercream and chocoloate granache, the

Opera cake is a favorite around the world.

Cake Orders

Please visit us or call directly to place an order for your event. For the best selection, please allow 3-4 working days’ notice for all
orders. During peak and holiday seasons, longer ordering times are recommended.