Weekend Brunch

Served Weekends 9AM-2:30PM

Gravlax and Blinis

Housecured salmon, buckwheat pancakes, broccolini-fennel slaw, creme fraiche, capers, salmon roe.

Breakfast Sandwich

A Café Attila English muffin, served open-face with scrambled eggs, cheddar and a caper-herb garlic sauce

With bacon or Andouille sausage - Extra charge

Hangar Steak Tartine

Hanger steak served open-face on grilled country bread, watercress chimichurri, tarragon aioli, poached eggs, arugula-frisee salad

Corned Beef "Hash"

Chunks of our very own corned beef, sauteed with potatoes, roasted red peppers and cream, topped with a fried egg. Served with a cheddar biscuit

Breakfast Mac and Cheese

White Cheddar-Gruyere pasta with asparagus, topped with a sunny-side up egg.

Add bacon or andouille sausage - Extra charge

Biscuit and Gravy

Big bacon-gruyere biscuit, andouille-bacon gravy, poached eggs


Served with fresh fruit, cheddar biscuit. Choice of: Mushrooms, leeks and potatoes Andouille, red peppers, and potatoes


Pub-style meatloaf on grilled housemade roll with spicy giardiniera, grain mustard and arugula salad


Handmade pasta noodles, mushrooms, asparagus, sage, applewood smoked bacon and cream.

Chicken Gougere

Roasted chicken salad with cranberries, pecans, shallots and mayonnaise, served in gougere with a side salads

Green Salad

Baby greens, pecans, cranberries, Point Reyes blue cheese, sherry vinaigrette
With grilled chicken breast - extra charge


Our own cranberry walnut almond granola served with greek yogurt (or milk) and fruit


Featuring Odwalla orange juice 


Applewood smoked bacon (3)
Café Attila's own Andouille Sausage